Gift #540: Knitting books

I received these two knitting books as Christmas presents from my parents.  I’m so excited about them so I wanted to share them with you.


(The background of the pictures is my first knitted blanket.  I finished seaming it and weaving in the ends this afternoon.  It’s a great fit for two people or perfect for wrapping around one to keep warm.)

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Woodland Knits for ages.  Stephanie Dosen, of Tiny Owl Knits, is one of my favorite designers and this is her first book.  It’s a mix of existing patterns and brand new ones.  Some are whimsical and fanciful, others are great for romping in the woods.  I’m really excited to start making some of these patterns.



The other book I received is Juju’s Loops.  It’s written by the co-owners of Loop, a yarn store in England.  This book is chock full of beautiful patterns and photography.  This is of their shop.


I love every one of the patterns and can’t wait to start making some.  This is my favorite – it’s a lovely striped shawl with leafy border called “Brown-Eye Susan”.



Thanks for indulging my excitement about the new knitting books!  See you tomorrow.

Blessings to you,


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