GIft #541: Christmas mice

So this is appallingly late, but I wanted to share with you anyway  because it makes me giddy with pleasure still.  You may recall that around the time of Halloween I was full of glee about my little Halloween mice that came out to celebrate along the baseboard of my hallway and room.  Well, Halloween came and went and still the mice stayed.  I couldn’t bear to put them away for winter because they were so cute.  So….. I decided they would become Christmas mice.  After all, everyone needs some Christmas mice.  The day or two before I left for Texas I used several die cuts (designed by Tim Holtz) to cut out holly leaves and berries.  I carefully carried said leaves and berries upstairs and proceeded to give each of my mice a handsome Christmas collar.


See how proud this little mouse is of his seasonal attire?  Prancing with joy!


This one is leaping for joy!


And lunging for joy!  (Actually, this little guy might have gotten a whiff of cheese).


Even their doors are happily decorated for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed a peak at my festive mouse family.

Blessings to you,


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