Gift #546: Hyacinths

Yesterday was a very big day…a very big day indeed!  I had gone to the store (along with half the city) to stock up on some provisions.  We were expecting more snow, and we got a couple more inches by this morning.  I was rather depressed about this and needing a reminder of spring.  Joyfully, the store had a shipment of hyacinths and daffodils!!  I just about wept with pleasure and relief and this beautiful sign of spring.



I swept down on them like a hawk, inhaling the perfume of the hyacinths and petting the sunny daffodils, and generally worrying everyone in a 50 foot radius that a crazy woman was loose.  But I did not care because finally the first sweet blooms of spring were here!  Naturally a hyacinth came home.  It is sitting in a place of honor on the kitchen counter sweetly scenting the room and reminding me of the pleasures of new life at work under the blanket of snow.


Blessings to you,


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