Gift #548: Robins

Today was another cold snowy day.  Because of travel conditions this morning, it also became a “work at home” day.  I had fortunately anticipated this scenario and brought my computer home last night.  I was very happy that I had the chance to stay home, because something else blew in with the snow…. a flock of robins!  A very large flock – 50 or so – perched in the trees in the back and swooped around, joyous in the bright cold day.  They were a joy to watch.  Here’s a picture – I’ve taken the liberty of circling the birds for you, since they manage to camouflage themselves nicely into the trees.


I kept watching them swoop down towards the corner of the house and I wondered what was going on.  So I snuck to that window and peeked out.  My goodness!  They were all congregating at the pond, drinking water from the hole in the ice!  It was adorable!  The pictures aren’t very good because I had to stand at a funny angle and take them through two panes of foggy window, but at least you can kind of see them.



They would drink and make little noises, regarding each other between drinks, like so many coworkers at a water cooler.  I wondered if they were discussing the latest gossip, or perhaps wondering if spring would be early this year, or what sort of tasty morsels they dug up for lunch.  I had a wonderful time watching them.


There was loads of bird activity today – so welcome after days of not seeing many.  By this afternoon, the new fallen snow bore the marks of all the little visitors.


Isn’t it cute to see all their delicate bird tracks?

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #548: Robins

  1. What wonderful photos 😉 Their little tracks make the snow look like lace. Hope you are warm tonight, and won’t have to budge in the morning. What a raw night! Best wishes, Sarah, WG

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