Gift #551: Knit-a-long

Today I moved into another realm with my knitting.  The knit-a-long (KAL) .   A knit-a-long is designed such that the participants have no idea what the final piece will look like.  The pattern is released in sections over the course of several weeks and the group knits together as the project is revealed bit by bit.  These are very popular in the knitting community, but I’ve yet to work up the courage to join one. However, the week before Christmas I found out through a newsletter about Unique Sheep’s hosting of a new KAL – a shawl inspired by Peter Pan.  I love character or story inspirations for my knitting projects and Peter Pan is one of my favorites, so I figured this would be a win-win situation.  I signed up for the KAL and selected my yarn.  Unique Sheep custom dyes their yarn and my lovely bundle arrived a day before the start!


I choose the colorway “Buccaneer.” This was in part because the name seemed appropriate for Peter Pan and also because the colors were amazing.  This is a gradiance set, so you knit each skein in succession so that the colors transition from one to the other.  In this case, we go from yellow, to orange, then red, brown, and greens.  I wound all the skeins today so they are ready to go.


And I’ve started my swatch.  This is a small sample of stitches designed to make sure that your knitting gauge matches that of the pattern specifications.  If it’s off, your finished project will end up too small or too large and you risk running out of yarn.


Some knitters prefer to live wildly and not do gauge swatches, but I’m a cautious knitter and have found that the extra time to do a swatch saves a lot of potential frustration and despair.  So even though I’m eager to get started, I’m going to finish my swatch….finish the swatch…. must finish… Soon I’ll be off to Neverland… second star to the right and straight on till morning.

Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #551: Knit-a-long

  1. What lovely colors, Sarah. I hope you’ll post photos of the work as it progresses. I just finished two infant cuddle cocoons. Never heard of them until my friend gave me a pattern. I’m not good with patterns, and never do the swatch ;-( so I’ve had some frustration along the way. I got the gist of this one, ditched the pattern, and have ended up with some cute little pieces. One is in route to my new grand daughter, and the other is for the new granddaughter of friends. Good luck with your shawl 😉

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