Gift #553: Winter soap

During the Christmas season I received this bar of soap as a gift.  I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and it has quickly become one of my happy thoughts.  I really look forward to the evening when I can spend some time with my soap bar.  (I’m not going to consider what this says about my mental stability, that’s too disturbing for this blog).  But needless to say, I love this soap.


It’s called Christmas Florals and is distributed by Michaels Soap, a fine English soap making company.  That it comes from England is part of the allure, I’m sure.  It was a rather strong smell in the box, but once lathered up, it takes on delicate floral tones.   It’s nicely moisturizing too and the amount of scent it leaves is just perfect.  And I also love the way it lightly perfumes my bathroom.  It smells like I’m walking through a garden, which is a nice thought on cold winter nights.  The box is a work of art in itself.  I love the botanical illustrations and embossed gold highlights.  I collect beautiful soaps not only for the soap, but also for the boxes or wrappings that they come in.  I have a nice assortment of florals, birds, and deer.  The paper wrappers can become incorporated into cards, and the boxes hold little oddments in the bathroom and add some pretty artwork to the room.  (Again, we’re not going to discuss the mental state of women who collect soap wrappers…. I’m sure lots of people do this… right??)  I’m already looking forward to the jasmine, honeysuckle, and peony scented soaps that will be making their appearance in the spring and summer!

Blessings to you,


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