Gift #557: Jester

Cold temps and lots of snow have made wildlife scarce of late.  I expect that most little critters prefer to nestle deep in their nests, pull the blankets over their ears, and sleep the winter away.  I know I’m certainly tempted to handle winter that way too.  The bright sunshine we had today though managed to coax a few creatures out into the snow to frolic and forage for food.  I saw several large flocks of robins today.  They are fun to watch as they flick leaves up in the air looking for bugs.  Sometimes all you can see of them in the forest is leaves flying up in the air.   I was also very happy to see a squirrel out in the forest.  I love watching squirrels and have especially missed their playfulness.  When I was a girl taking piano lessons, one of the songs I learned was called “Jester.”  If a squirrel ever became a piece of music – this was it.  You could just see a little squirrel scampering about, mischievously stealing nuts, and hiding them away.  It was always a favorite song to play because it was fast and fun.  I enjoyed watching this little jester this afternoon.

jester 1jester 3 jester 2

Blessings to you,


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