Gift #559: baby shower card

I’m back with another card share.  Truth be told, I’m going to need a surge of creativeness for finding pictures for my blog.  I rely so heavily on nature photos, but I’m already shown lots of winter ones.  And right now it’s such a snow fortress that you can’t even find anything poking up from the snow to provide a point of contrast.  The snow is so deep in the front that you could start drilling ice cores and making stunning observations about the weather.  “Oh yes, looks like a very wet winter.  8″ last week…. 12″ today… mm hmm… it’s definitely winter.”  So I’ll show you the card I made  tonight for a work friend’s baby shower tomorrow.  Fortunately I remembered this evening, so I had time to get something put together before the event!  So pleased was I with how it turned out, I’ve decided to share this one too.  Oddly enough, the stamps are from a Valentine’s set by Recollections that were out on my workspace from doing Valentine’s cards.  And the layout was also one I’ve been using for my Valentine’s cards.  I was quite thrilled to use the same design and stamps and get a completely different feel.


And here’s the inside:


And because I have a neurotic condition, the envelopes of all the cards I make must be decorated too, in coordination with the card.   I love the bird and branch, so I decided to use that as the focal point on the envelope with a little heart at the top.


Sweet, huh?  And let that be a lesson to you – Valentine’s stamps are not just for Valentine’s!  It’s also a lesson to not clean up your workspace the night before, because they might come in useful the next night!

Blessings to you,


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