Gift #561: Sherlock and Steampunk

I’ve been enjoying a lot of Sherlock recently, courtesy of  I’ve watched the third season a couple of times and have thoroughly loved all the episodes.  One of my favorite aspects of the show is the costuming of Sherlock and Watson.  I’m very fond of the black  trenchcoat and blue scarf.  Along with the Sherlock saturation, I’ve also experienced a resurgence of interest in steampunk-inspired art.  Sherlock Holmes and steampunk are a perfect match for each other and I’ve spent a lot of time recently browsing through steampunk books and pinterest.  I’ve collected some of my favorites on my new pinterest board, which you can view here if you’re interested.

As with most stories that capture my interest, I feel the need to create something that symbolizes it for me.  I think this is a subconscious move to implant myself in the story, to connect me to the stories, characters, and places I love.  I enjoy the process of being inspired by what I see and making things that remind me of the stories that hold a special place in my heart.  So yesterday I decided to make some steampunk-themed jewelry in honor of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  My pieces are more feminine and delicate than hardcore steampunk, so perhaps, it would be better to say they are steampunk-inspired.  I used common themes – keys, locks, and gears – but in a romantic fashion.


This was the first necklace I made.  The design was based off a necklace I saw in a steampunk book.  I had some clock pieces from a French collection sold at Michaels a while back, and I paired one of the pendants with tiny key charms, crystals, and delicate chains.


In the process of rummaging for supplies for the first necklace, I found some decorative chain with these linkers.  They reminded me of industrial cogs, but a little prettier with the filigree.  I removed the chain and linked three of the cogs close together and then ran a small bit of chain through the middle cog and attached a pearl, lock, and key as a dangle.  Bingo – second necklace done.


As a bonus, I used the last remaining key and cog to make a bracelet.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #561: Sherlock and Steampunk

  1. Lovely necklaces, Sarah. We watch “Elementary”. If you haven’t seen this Sherlock inspired drama, we recommend it for the interesting stories and quirky characters. Best wishes, WG

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