Gift #562: Icicles

We’ve had a bit of sun, glorious sun, these past few days – that has been lovely.  The sun along with the frigid temperatures, has perfectly set the stage for icicles.   Spiky stalactites of ice are hanging off every surface.  At a restaurant last night, the sidewalk was roped off in places because of the icicles.  They are beautiful crystal sculptures, but don’t admire them from directly below…just in case!  Several large one have been falling off the roof, making a loud crashing noise as they smash on the sidewalk.  I took these pictures when I got home this evening.  The icicles on the back side of the house are formidably large.


The moon was rising at the time I took the photos.  Moon was gorgeous in its silver-orb glory and I tried a few pictures of it too.  My cameras don’t capture much beyond a circle of white light, but that’s just a good reminder that the best of cameras can’t see as well as God designed our eyes.



I hope you are all staying safe and warm in the midst of these most recent winter storms.

Blessings to you,


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