Gift #567: Birdsong

Today we had a warm front come through and we enjoyed balmy temperatures near 50!  We had sunshine and soft breeze and we experienced a brief weakening of winter.  Off with the heavy winter coat and I even drove with my sunroof open.  It was a happy taste of spring.  Yes, Aslan is on the move (a reference to the eternal winter of Narnia being broken by the return of its true king Aslan, who brings spring with a shake of his mane).  The most precious part of the day was this morning as I was getting ready for work.  I lifted the garage door and the music of several birds flitted on the breeze.  Birdsong!  It was so beautiful, I nearly cried with pleasure.  Ahh… the sweet sound of little songbirds perched on branches!  I stopped to listen for a while before going to work.  It’s one of the first times this year I’ve heard the songs of our little birds.  In honor of the first breath of spring and our choral bird choir, today I share with you my newest creation, Birdsong.


I made the necklace this weekend to use up the last of the clay roundels I had purchased from Humblebeads.  Heather, owner of the shop, creates beautiful nature-themed beads and pendants.  The large leaf at the bottom was a leftover from another project.  These were originally bright gold super-big earrings, which I broke apart so I could use the leaves individually.  I toned down the bright gold by painting them with antique gold, terra cotta, and olive paints to mimic a natural patina.  The little bird, nest, and leaf came from some beads I received as a gift a couple years ago – yep, I hoard my beads.  Accent beads are Czech and pressed glass beads I’ve collected from stores to bring out the aqua and orange in the clay bead.  And voila, a simple bird-themed necklace to wear into spring.


Here are the earrings.

I hope that you too are enjoying the promise of spring today.

Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #567: Birdsong

  1. How beautiful What a perfect, living composition in the necklace with the little bird perching near, but above, the branch. I love the use of different but related color beads in the earrings. Do you sell your work, Sarah?

  2. Oh, thank you for the kind compliments. I’m glad you like it. I did attempt selling some jewelry awhile ago, but not so much anymore. I’d like to start it back up again though. But if you would like me to custom-make you a piece, I would be delighted to do so for a kindred spirit. Blessings, Sarah

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