Gift #569: Shoots

I’ve been away for a bit on a long weekend trip to Cincinnati.  It was a really wonderful trip and much needed.  I’ve come back feeling rested and inspired.   I took a bunch of pictures too for sharing with you all over the next few days.  However, that will have to wait a day because something very exciting happened today.  Wait for it…  the first shoots of spring bulbs poked up from the frozen soil!  Yep!!!  There’s green in the front flower bed!   We had a few days last week of unseasonally warm weather, so perhaps that finally coaxed the little leaves out of their beds.  I hope they’ll be ok as we’re not going to emerge above freezing for the next 10 days at least.  I’m so excited to see them as I was dreading another stretch of cold weather.  This is a tangible reminder that the green morning is definitely on its way.  Here are some pics of the tender little shoots.




Blessings to you


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1 Response to Gift #569: Shoots

  1. Welcome back, Sarah. You and I have both been searching out those first bits of spring to photograph. I found a patch in bloom yesterday, and will work with those photos later today. I’m so glad you finally got a break in the weather. Stay warm! WG

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