Gift #571: Cininnati Chalkboards

Welcome to Friday everyone!  I’m certainly looking forward to a bit of rest this weekend.  Things have been hectic and a few days of calmness are more than welcome.  It’s hard to believe that a week ago I was in Cinci  with my mom enjoying some time together in one of my favorite cities.  It’s strange how some cities slowly become a part of your heart.  The first several times I visited Cinci, we was only there for a weekend each year when a stamp convention would come to town.  I spent all my time at the convention and a local stamp store and never bothered to see much of the rest of the city.  Then gradually we found more and more to explore and enjoy there and now we go there several times a year and still don’t have time to do everything!  It’s a very special place to me and I’m looking forward to my next weekend getaway almost as soon as I return.  On this trip, chalkboard signs were much in vogue.  Nearly every store we passed seemed to have one out front.  They gave a quaint, quirky feel to the shops.  Here are a sampling of a few I saw.


This one is outside Bluebird Bakery, a great local spot in Glendale where you can pick up scones on your way to your next adventure.


Village Gift Store (also in Glendale) is as eager for spring as I am.  You can pick up something lovely for your home here, or peruse the jewelry and baby boutiques.


One of my favorite knit stores in Newport, KY – just across the river.


And my favorite bookstore is also anticipating spring.

Blessings to you,


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