Gift #573: Edith Holden’s February

I’m afraid February slipped into March without my showing some of Edith Holden’s sketches from the month.  These are a little late, but as most of the country is still feeling cold temps and wintry weather, we can easily pretend we’re still in February.


I love this watercolor of the birds perched among the fuzzy willows and catkins.  Note the diminutive snowdrops in bloom and the little snail.  That snail better be careful – it looks like he’s being evaluated as a lunch option by that bird!


Another watercolor of winter birds enjoying the first signs of spring.  We don’t have any catkins yet, but I did see a stand of snowdrops just starting to bloom in Glendale, Ohio last weekend.  The robins playing in the leaf litter is a common sight in my backyard and they are one of the joys of winter!  I love watching them throw those leaves up in the air looking for tasty treats.


This is my favorite sketch.  I’ve pored over these books dozens of times, but this caught my breath when I saw it again.  It is so charming and captures all my favorites of early spring – the robin in the pussy willow tree, daffodils, bees, and that adorably sweet frog.  Oh how I love that frog!   The stanza is perfectly appropriate for the transition from February to March.

All Nature seems at work,Slugs leave their lair
The bees are stirring –
Birds are on the wing;
And Winter slumbering
In the open air
Wears on his face
A dream of Spring
-Samuel Taylor Coleridge-

Blessings to you,


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