Gift #580: Scenes from Zionsville

Over the weekend my mom and I went up to Zionsville, IN.  It’s about 40 minutes north of my neck of the woods along a very scenic landscape, alternating between forests, pasture, and tiny towns, churches, and old cemeteries.  In fact, I think I like the journey there as much as the destination. The historic  town features a brick road lined with little shops and eateries.  I especially like visiting the cross stitch and knitting stores.  We had lunch at the tea shop, where we enjoyed tomato basil soup and a tortellini salad as the special.  They bake fabulous scones as well, and Saturday’s flavor was cranberry white chocolate.  Yum!


As we walked about town we admired the small courtyards that will soon be filled with flowers and crowds as the weather warms.  Just look at that decorative fencing across the roofline!  I love the branch and leaf design.


We  appreciated the persistent courage of the ivy to stay green in the midst of so much winter.  It was a treat for our eyes.  See how it grows right to the top of the building!


And we paused to whisper words of encouragement to the tulip tree.  It’s buds are fat and fuzzy – just waiting for warmer temps and a bit more sunshine.  “Soon, very soon” we promised.  In just a few weeks it will be covered with large pink blooms and I will be completely undone by its beauty.


Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #580: Scenes from Zionsville

  1. mawarder says:

    Enjoyable posts .. You do “lots of running around” with your camera and the rest of us can benefit from your travels. Tell your family hello from us, too. We went to Hilltop from south of Indianapolis, so some of your references are somewhat familiar. Have another “extraordinary” day…. Margery Warder

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