Gift #584: Bird Nest

This week is the official beginning of spring.  Unfortunately, I don’t think spring will be here in Indy for her party.  There are not many signs that she is even thinking about dropping by.  Most of the trees still haven’t budded, there are no flowers in sight.  And the early spring plants, such as crocus, daffodils, and hyacinths have only consented to 1-2″ of greenery above ground.  It’s a bit disappointing, especially as I recall last year at this time I was giddy about showing you every detail of spring’s emergence from winter.  I rather suspect we have some time to go before that occurs this year.  However desperate I am for the trees to bud and leaf, there is one blessing amid all those bare branches – and that is spotting bird nests!  I found this one in the Michaels parking lot when I stopped in after church.

imageBlessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #584: Bird Nest

  1. Yes, a late spring, Sarah. I just read a forecast for another “arctic” blast to keep us well below normal through next weekend. At least we are building up groundwater from all of the wetness. Spring will eventually get here 😉 Our exercise in being patient… best wishes, WG

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