Gift #585: Wearin o’ the green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all.  I hope you remembered to wear green today – the trees didn’t, but we mustn’t be too harsh with them, they  can’t help that.  In honor of the day, I thought I’d share some pictures of current knitting projects, because they all feature my favorite color – green!  It’s been a crazy knitting time for me because I’ve been actively working on 5 projects, and that’s a bit too much.  I finished one this weekend, so I’m down to 4.  Yay!


This first project is of my Peter Pan shawl.  This is the project that I’m doing as a knit-a-long.  I’m a bit behind, but I’ve been told that for these projects it’s best to lag a few weeks to let the pioneers blaze a trail ahead and get the kinks worked out.  So actually, it’s part of my master plan to fall behind.  Really.  I’ve finished one side and finally got to add in the green at the edges (this was my favorite part).  Now I just need to do the same pattern on the other side and add on the border.  You know actually when I say it like that, it’s rather depressing – that’s a good 2 weeks of work to go yet, at the rate I’ve knit on this project.


This is my most recent project that I’ve started.  It’s my local store’s project of the month.  A bit of a renegade knitting project, it’s actually tunisian crochet.  It’s the first time I’ve tried this type of stitching and I love working it!  I picked a beautiful variegated yarn in green, aqua, yellow, and gray and I’m using cream crochet thread for the contrast.  When it’s finished it will be much longer and will be edged with scalloped border in the green yarn.  And I’m sure it will stop masquerading as a dishcloth at that point.


The third project I’m knitting is another scarf, this time in a mohair and acrylic blend.  The color moves from several tones of green to cream and gold.  The yarn has a slight metallic sheen to it – not enough to make it sparkly, but enough to make it shimmer a bit.  You wouldn’t know just looking at the picture, but this yarn was screaming at me in the store.  “Take me home!!  Take me home!!  You love me!!”  Apparently it has separation issues.  So I found this pattern and the yarn was quite content with my choice – the Foreign Correspondent’s Scarf.

Now I can see that you are starting to have some questions.  So let me set your mind at ease.  Yes, it is perfectly natural that 3 out of 4 projects are green.  That’s very normal; it does not reflect any unhealthy obsession with the color.  None at all.  It’s also completely acceptable that these same 3 projects are all scarfs.  That’s also very normal…. many knitters do that.  So, nothing to worry about here.  What’s that?  You think you see another ball of green yarn in the background… no, no you don’t… there’s no more green yarn here.  That’s a St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

Blessings to you,

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