Gift #586: Fatherly love

Less than 5 minutes ago I planned to write a completely different post, but I think it will wait for a bit longer.  I felt a strong prompting to share some of the Bible passage that I had read tonight instead.  It is from the book of Jeremiah, one of the prophets of Israel who speaks for God in the generations right before their captivity in Babylon.  In these beginning chapters, God is pleading with the nation of Israel to stop worshiping idols and to acknowledge Him as their God and Protector.  A lot of people read the Old Testament with a view of God as harsh, cruel, and eager to punish people for their sin.  I must tell you that is not how I read the first half of the Bible.  What I see recorded there is God’s everlasting pursuit of people who will love Him.  This passage is so tender, you can hear the yearning in God’s voice for an intimate relationship.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh what a joy it would be for me to treat you like a son! What a joy it would be for me to give you a pleasant land, the most beautiful piece of property there is in all the world!’  I thought you would call me, ‘Father’ and would never cease being loyal to me.  “Come back to me, and I will heal your wayward hearts.    Jeremiah 3:19, 22

Reading this melted my heart to the goodness and kindness of God.  To know that he wants me for His daughter!  What an amazing thought!  He longs for relationship with us, to bless us, to give us joy and gifts from His heart.  I hope that wherever you may be in your life’s journey right now, that it brings you comfort to remember God as a tender Father, eager to pour out His love on you.

Blessings to you,



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