Gift #590: Hellebores revisited

I hope you will indulge me one more day to share pictures of the hellebore with you, and then we’ll move on to other things (at least for a few days).  Some more of her blooms opened up today and she’s so beautiful, I couldn’t help but take a few more pictures.  I feel like a proud parent.



When something captures my attention (a book or movie, a park, a fern, or a hellebore for instance) I like to create something to symbolize the object of my inspiration.  I take a great deal of pleasure in browsing through my craft supplies or ideas online, looking for the special something to serve as a reminder of the event.   I will spend hours looking at patterns, daydreaming about designs.  This is part of the creative process and also allows me the opportunity to relive the experience that is the source of my inspiration.  This morning the creative urge to find something to represent a hellebore was hard to resist.  I don’t have much in the way of stamps and jewelry, but I was pretty sure I could find some yarn in my stash that mirrored those colors in my beautiful hellebore.  (Incidentally, I think it would be great fun to dye a line of yarn inspired by the different hellebore varieties.  I’ll store this idea away for later, once I learn to dye.)   I did find a couple skeins that looked just like a hellebore!


This one is unimaginatively named #851 – a waste of a good name if you ask me.  It looks like early spring written in wool –  greens, pinks, greys, yellows – just like tender new life.  It reminds me of a garden viewed through the shimmery haze of sunshine, or as if you squinted at a Monet painting.



This is a skein I bought awhile back on a trip to Chicago.  It is a long-transition yarn meaning the colors transition across the length of the skein so that the finished piece moves from one color to the next.   Most yarns have a shorter transition where the color scheme repeats itself throughout the skein.  The pinks, greys, and greens in this skein remind me of cool spring mornings.

And now, to the enjoyable task of finding just the right pattern to speak of spring and hellebores, of sunlight and dewdrops.


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #590: Hellebores revisited

  1. A perfect match. I would love to find some long transition wool. I’ve been working with a very short transition cotton yarn, and it gives a very choppy effect. That yarn would make a lovely shawl or wide scarf. Please post photos of whatever you end up making 😉 Best wishes, WG

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