Gift #594: Fresh Eggs

When I arrived at work yesterday,  I wasn’t looking for a miracle.  Truthfully, I wasn’t looking for much.  I knew it would be a long day to end a long week and I was basically running on fumes.  The bright spot in my day was having lunch with a couple of friends from work.  I was surprised and delighted to read an email from my friend announcing that she had eggs to give me when we met for lunch.  Well, the day suddenly shifted from ho-hum to spectacular!  I received 12 beautiful eggs laid by my friends’ chickens just this week.  The eggs are even more special because I’ve gotten to meet some of the girls personally.


Aren’t the eggs beautiful?  Each one is a unique miracle.  Some are smaller and pale brown, almost porcelain in color.  And others are larger and deeper brown.  Oh, how I love them!  With the brutal temperatures we’ve had this winter, several of my chicken-keeping friends were worried about their girls and their ability to stay warm.  They are hardy creatures though and have borne the cold remarkably well and still continue to lay eggs.  What faithful little companions!  The eggs will be making a tasty omelet soon and I will give thanks for my friend and her generosity, and her flock of hens who lay such beautiful eggs.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #594: Fresh Eggs

  1. What a nice gift, omelets are great, I hope you post pictures of the omelets you make!! We have brown egg laying chickens and one of them lays eggs with double yokes but we have been able to figure our which one! Maybe you will have one with a double yoke 🙂

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