Gift #599: Adventureland

A trip to Anthropologie today has put me in the mood for adventure!  So grab your back issues of National Geographic, your bag, and your camera and we’ll be on our way to the jungle!


We first set up base camp under the shelter of a stand of palm trees.  On the table we place out treasures procured at the local market – candlesticks, goblets, exotic elephant figurines, and brightly painted dinnerware.  Having set the table for our return, we’ll head off on our jungle trek.


Feel the heat shimmering around you.  Smell the heady fragrance of hundreds of flowers in full bloom.   Taste the sweet nectar of tropical fruits.  Marvel at the emerald brilliance of the beetles that scurry around our feet.  A flash of scarlet and cerulean, as a toucan passes overhead!  Hear the loud calls of the birds as they exchange greetings and eavesdrop on the chittering of monkeys.


Everywhere you look is saturated in green – every hue you could ever imagine. Sunlight dances on the leaves of ferns, moss, flowering plants, and trees – so many you could never name them all.  You think you will drown in all the green.


We follow the path to a well-hidden lagoon.  The coolness of the water is a welcome relief on hot feet and sweaty faces.  The deep languid pool is paradise.  Brightly colored fish flit in an out of sight in a world of azure and turquoise that mirrors the sky above.  The wind makes music as it tickles the palm fronds and ripples the edge of water.


Refreshed and rested, we complete our journey and arrive at our base camp as dusk falls.  We feast on the fruits of the jungle by candlelight and fireflies.  We turn to our beds, already dreaming of our adventureland.

Blessing to you,


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