Gift #600: Crabapple leaves

Today I witnessed an event that I wait all year for.  The first little green leaves are unfurling from my weeping crabapple!


I adore this tree – it’s my favorite in the yard.  I’d never seen a weeping crabapple till I moved to Indy.  In Denver, I was mesmerized enough by “regular” crabapples.  Our family loved them so much we planted a Brandywine and a Bechtel crabapple at our home there.  I’m not sure what variety the weeping crabapple is in the front yard, but I love it dearly.  It usually blooms on my birthday, and that’s one of the best presents I could ask for.  Today it made great strides in opening up those little leaves just the tiniest bit.  The baby leaves are so small and delicate.  Just beautiful.  I’m so excited to see it come back to life.



Blessings to you,


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