GIft #602: Birthday card roundup

April is another full birthday month!  Most of the birthdays in my extended family and friends list occur in March and April, so I’ve been cranking out cards during the evenings.  Plus, I also had a publication deadline that’s kept me busy with designing cards.  And then there’s Easter looming on the horizon…. so I’ve gotten a creative workout this month.  Here are a few of the birthday cards I’ve made recently.  The first is for a good friend who retired to the sunny climes of Florida in January.  Just looking at the bright colors makes me super happy.  I love pink and orange together.


These next two are for masculine birthdays.  These are a challenge for me as I like to create with lots of floral, butterflies, and birds.  Oddly enough, these are not appreciated motifs among the men in my family.  I use this birthday stamp set from Stampin Up a lot for all occasion birthday cards when butterflies won’t do.



Blessings to you,

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1 Response to GIft #602: Birthday card roundup

  1. The butterfly is such a nice touch ! Lovely cards ! WG

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