Gift #606: Tulip Tree

One of the greatest joys I found upon moving to Indy was the abundance of tulip trees.  I had never seen anything like them before.  We had magnolia trees (which are a close relative) in Texas, but I didn’t much like them.  Tulip trees however are a completely different story.  I adore them, and a stand of them in bloom automatically makes me a road hazard as I can’t keep my eyes off them.  The chalice-shaped blooms are creamy white on the inside and painted rouge on the outside of the petals, lending a delicate pink tint to the blooms when viewed from a distance.  The large blossoms are certainly a bold statement that spring is here.  Yesterday I noticed that a stand of tulip trees at work had started to bud and they were gorgeous.  So I brought my ipad today to get some pictures.




My delight at the emerging buds on the trees has turned to horror because we’ve had another cold snap and we’re having a couple of nights with lows below freezing.  It even snowed for most of the day, though nothing much accumulated.  I’ve considered the feasibility of renting very tall ladders or helicopters to toss large tarps over the trees so their buds will be protected.  Turns out that wasn’t a feasible plan at all.   The few trees that have led spring to our area are now in danger of losing their beautiful blooms before spring has even started.  I do pray that they aren’t too damaged by the cold and will continue to open their buds and bless up with their beauty.

Even if not though, it was worth it for today.  Such beauty!


Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #606: Tulip Tree

  1. Sarah, these are such beautiful photos. I do hope their flowers survived this rough patch of cold weather. We’ve had storms and cold, but thankfully no snow! These “Tulip” trees are actually Tulip Magnolia trees, known technically as Magnolia Soulangiana. I share your passion for them. such a joy-filled sight unfolding in earliest spring before much of anything else blooms with such spectacular color. Best wishes, WG

  2. Beautiful tulip magnolia blooms! I have several of these, I think the variety I have is Sharon! 🙂

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