Gift #614: Seeping Through

In morning dew,
  the glory is seeping through,
like war is over now
I feel I’m coming home again


These lyrics are from a song that’s been playing on my Pandora quite frequently called The War is Over by Sarah Brightman.  Though I doubt this was the intent of the song, it seems to describe the surrender of winter to the warmth and new life of spring.  These lyrics have been playing in my head as I’ve rejoiced in the birth of spring once again.  You can see the glory seeping through in each emerging leaf and bud opening to the sun.



We had lovely weather – sunny in the 70s – and I spent a lot of time outside taking pictures of the trees and flowers finally waking up.  Our spring was slow to come, but boy, it’s in full swing now!  Every day there’s noticeably more green and more trees in flower.  I’ll be sharing photos of spring for at least several more days, so prepare yourself for lots of flowers!

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #614: Seeping Through

  1. Lots of flowers at last! How marvelous! WG

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