Gift #617: Crabapple blossoms

And now today we will continue the celebration of spring by featuring the weeping crabapple.  My favorite amongst the trees that share home with me, this little tree puts on a spectacular show each spring.   Here she was about a week ago – when anticipation of all those buds opening was making me giddy with excitement.


Now, the majority of those buds have opened and the tree is in full glory.  It’s magnificent. I was concerned that the late frost might damage the flowers, but they are hardy and there are more blooms on that tree than could be counted.  It’s near impossible to photograph – to get the whole tree in a single shot means losing the drama of the blooms.  As for taking closeups of the blossoms, how on earth to choose which ones!!  I usually bed up just staring at the waterfall of flowers.  They are all beautiful little miracles and I’m rejoicing in them each day!



Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #617: Crabapple blossoms

  1. What lovely photos of such a special tree! Spring seems to have finally settled into your neighborhood 😉 So glad you’re enjoying it! WG

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