Gift #619: More hellebores

So last night just when I was getting ready to blog, the power went out.  And it stayed out for quite some time, so blogging didn’t happen.  Which was a shame, because I had to wait 24 more hours to share with you the new beauties in my life.  Yesterday my mom and I went to visit a couple of nurseries and we saw so many lovely plants.  However, the big excitement was finding some new varieties of hellebores!!  Oh my goodness, they are so beautiful!  “Blue metallic lady” sports deep purple blooms with lime green centers and the colors soften over time.  “Pink spotted lady” has green blooms with deep purple speckles and  the petals deepen to purple as they age.  I took pictures and used a new photo app on my ipad to make some collage photos of the hellebores.


To complement the hellebores, we found a painted fern with lovely silver green foliage.  And a coral bell variety, “Cracked Ice” came home too – it has soft silvery green foliage as well, but with deep purple veins that run all over the surface of the leaf, giving it the appearance of cracking ice.  It has delicate creamy flowers, and the plant is in bloom right now.  All the plants look great together.  In the pictures above, from upper left, are the pink spotted lady, the painted fern, the blue metallic lady on the bottom right, and the coral bells on the bottom left.


Here’s another collage photo with the blue metallic lady and the fern on the bottom.  On the top is a new yarn color I found at a knitting store yesterday.  It is deep shades of purple and aubergine, streaked ever so lightly with a bit of green.  It matches the hellebores perfectly and I bought 2 skeins for a hat and mitts or maybe to use both skeins for a shawl.  The name of the yarn is “cosmos” but I think “Midnight Forest” would be more applicable, so that’s what I’m going with.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying flowers and a bit of spring weather.

Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #619: More hellebores

  1. What beauty! Love how all of the colors go together so beautifully, Sarah! Please show a photo of whatever you end up making with that lovely yarn 😉 Best wishes, WG

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