Gift #626: New Knit-a-long

Unique Sheep started their next knit-a-long today!  I’ve been excitedly waiting to share it with you all and eager to get started.  We’ve had to wait since end of February, but that was ok because I was still working on Peter Pan.  I had wanted to finish it before the next knit-a-long started so I wouldn’t have so many projects in progress.  This knit-a-long is based on the classic Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and will be a circular lacey shawl with beadwork.

I knew immediately what I wanted it to look like – I envisioned the center of the shawl as a watery blue, merging to green along the outer edges.   I wanted to evoke the watery images of the river draped with willow branches.  I found the perfect colorway at Unique Sheep and they matched some lovely crystal beads to mimic dewdrops, at my request.


Isn’t it beautiful?!  It looks just like the world of “the willows” to me.  Now this brings me to an uncomforable confession.  I have never read Wind in the Willows.   So I decided it would be doubly special if I read the book as I participated in the knit-a-long.   It just so happens that I finished the book I was reading at lunch yesterday, which freed me up to start Wind and the Willows on the same day that the knit-a-long started.


I am reading the book with a great sense of anticipation, expecting great things from the story.  I have not been disappointed.   From the first few sentences I felt as if I were meeting a life-long friend for the first time, or as if I were coming to a place I’d never seen before but knowing it was home.  I’m looking forward to falling in love with Mole, Rat, Badger, and Toad.

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