Gift #628: Flower trip

So after writing my title, I felt the need to clarify – this post is about visiting nurseries for garden plants, not a 70s-inspired hallucinogenic experience.  For the latter, you’ll need to find another blog.  I’m all about gardens and such here.  This past week has been one of the special weeks of the year because it has been filled with the annual purchase of flowers and herbs for the garden.  Mother’s Day weekend is the informal timeline where we perceive we’re free from any surprise frosts.  This has not always been the case, but usually by Mother’s Day we don’t care anymore and we need to plant flowers.  I’ve got a lot of pots and planters that I love to fill with annuals and my beloved herbs.  My mom and I usually spend an evening or two or three milling through local nurseries picking out special plants with which to decorate our gardens.  I took some pictures tonight as we browsed round this year’s offerings.


Shelves and shelves of flowers… sheer bliss


Oh, and the herbs and veggies!!  Yay!  I needed to buy a lot this year because the hard winter killed off all my herbs.  I was rather bummed about this, especially because my lavender was doing so well – I was hoping it would come back, but no such luck.  I’ve been stocking up for the past few weeks.  Tonight I brought home a spicy global basil, which has very small leaves and a lovely domed habit.  It’s great mixed into salads, or in anything.  I also bought fernleaf dill and rosemary.  Oh, how I love to rub herbs on my hands!  Tis one of the great pleasures of life.


I  didn’t bring home any of these dahlias tonight, but I loved their beautiful blooms – so bright and cheerful.  Maybe they’ll come home on another trip.  I’ll be back to share all the wonderful plants for the garden over the next few days.  There are some that I’m especially excited to share with you!  Think happy thoughts of spring.

Blessings to you,


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