Gift #637: Denver Museum

Ordinarily, I would be giving you a weekly update on Wind in the Willows shawl and my musings of the book.  However I’ve had a lovely interruption of the usual routine.  Early this morning I woke up in Indy; in a matter of a few hours I found myself at one of my favorite places on earth.  I’m back visiting my other home, Denver, for a few days with my mom.  We spent today at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  “Explore Colorado” is our favorite gallery in the museum and we spent a good deal of time browsing and taking photos.  The gallery consists of a series of dioramas depicting each of the major ecosystems in the state.

Alpine tundra

Alpine tundra

I dream about this exhibit all the time, and when I’m stressed, I visit here in my mind.  It’s so lovely to have been able to spend time here again today, in a place so dear to my heart.  When I think of what heaven will be like, I often imagine that I’m standing in this gallery and I can walk right through the glass into each of these exhibits and find myself lost in each of the ecosystems depicted.  Instead of just seeing behind glass, I can experience each one and know it by heart…. the colors, the way the wind plays with the leaves, the sounds of the animals… I hope you enjoy these photos from the exhibit.



Subalpine Forest

Subalpine Forest

Blessings to you,


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