Gift #638: Paris Street Market

Action packed day!  Today’s big adventure was the Paris Flea Market in downtown Littleton.


Rows and rows of vendors fill the parking lot of the Aspen Grove shopping center during the first Saturday of the month.  We plan our trips to Denver so that we can attend the market. It’s full of vintage shopping goodness for home, garden, and fashion.  My favorite vendors are “Somewhere in Time” owned by a fun-loving woman who makes accessories from men’s ties, and Dave Villano, a local musician who plays electric violin.  I was able to visit with both today, as well as enjoy all the other sights and sounds of a crowded outdoor market.

The market takes place at Aspen Grove shopping center, where my family spent lots of time when we lived here.  We’ve seen a lot of shops come and go – saying goodbye to stores we loved and making new favorites.  One thing that hasn’t changed at this shopping center is the fabulous landscaping and gardens.  And, true to its name, there are stands of aspens all over.  I took these pics of the grounds this afternoon.




Blessings to you,


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