Gift #642: Fancimats and a sequel

Yesterday my mom and I spent some time at Fancimats, a local cross-stitch store in Littleton.  One of my most favorite stores in the world, my fervor for fiber arts kicked into high gear at this store.  It’s always s special treat to visit again with the shop owner, a dear friend.  And it’s a happy experience to browse through the patterns and especially, the fabric!  The shop has a huge bookshelf filled with fabrics of all sorts which she will cut to size for you.  I’ve spent countless hours in front of that shelf.  It’s a very happy place.   Last year I blogged about the shop’s baby shower held in honor of the Royal George.  We had a party and people from all over the city brought baby gifts to be donated to underserved populations in Colorado.  You can read about it here.


When we visited yesterday, we got to see a scrapbook of the events….and… A shadowbox display of an official letter of gratitude from the royal couple and a picture of them with their newborn.  What a special memento!  It wa really special to page through the book and see all the newspaper articles and pictures, and to see how all the donations were appreciated and put to use.  It was a privilege to be a part and to see our names in the scrapbook.  The shop owner sent a copy of the scrapbook and a letter to the Royal Family, and it was amazing to read the response from across the pond too!




Blessings to you,


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