Gift #643: Strawberry Moon

Today is Friday, the 13th and it’s also a full moon!  That’s pretty exciting, as the next time these two events coincide will be 2019.  The radio announcer for the local Denver station I listen to told me so, and I have absolute faith in his judgement.  After all, I woke up to the sound of his voice for a decade when I lived here.  (We go way back and have a close relationship, even though we’ve never met).  June’s full moon is called the Strawberry moon, presumably because strawberries are in season this time of year and ready to be harvested.  I’ve been watching the moon get just  a bit fuller each night.  The moon seems so large here- as if it might fall right out of the sky!  It’s been magnificent to see.  On Wed at our outdoor concert, the moon was covered in a cloud blanket, from which it would periodically emerge and flood us with light.  So beautiful!  We have a clear night tonight to enjoy the moon.  Earlier this evening, my mom and I were in downtown Littleton visiting some shops.  We decided to stop for some ice cream at a new parlor that opened last year.  (It moved into the space vacated by the bar, and everyone heaved a great sigh of relief that the  bar was gone and a quaint, neighborhood shop would take over).  It was our first visit to “Inside Scoop”.  In honor of our strawberry Moon, I had strawberry basil ice cream.  I’ve never had a flavor like that before and it was amazing!  They make all their ice creams (24 a day) and the waffle cones right in the store.  And the basil was fresh too!   Hope you were also able to enjoy the pleasures of strawberries and moonlight on this Friday evening.


Blessings to you,


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