Gift #656: Yarn Store

Today I visited a yarn store.  I had not been in one since the trip to Denver (other than one week for knit night) and that’s a very long stretch for me.  I was rather in withdrawal and in desperate need of seeing bins and bins of beautiful yarn to pet and dream of beautiful patterns.  Armed with these lofty ideals, I went in search of nirvana.  The quest was fulfilled at Mass Ave Knit Shop, which is our biggest store in Indy.  It’s actually just 5 minutes away from work – and that thought can either be a great comfort or unbearable torture, depending on one’s mood.  It was a wonderful time at the store.  My mom went with me, and between the two of us, we found quite a lot of yarns that we loved.  One of my favorite things that I saw however, was not a skein of yarn (gasp!) but this cute artwork, which hangs in the restroom.


Cooperative knitting… isn’t that sweet?  I especially like the little narwhal volunteering to wear the new scarf.   Also found this funny book of knitting cartoons, essays, and random thoughts on all things knitting.


It’s gone on my Christmas list.  My favorite of the pages I looked through was an excerpt from lost the lost diaries of famous individuals.  Edgar Allan Poe recounted his trip to the park to knit a second sock for Lenore’s birthday present.  When his back was turned, a black raven snitched the finished sock and flew away.  Alas, he saw his sock again nevermore.  (The whole book goes on like this, it’s great!)

Naturally, a “few” new yarns came home.  I’m most excited about this set of yarn.  I bought four balls of Folio, which is a new yarn from Berroco this spring.  It’s alpaca with a little bit of rayon for the merest hint of shine – beautiful yarn with great yardage and good price.  It’s been hard to find so I bought these colors to make a striped cowl.


The warm natural colors with a splash of blue will make it a great transitory piece to wear spring through fall.  Now the next hurdle is to free up some needles by finishing up a project so I can start a new one.  I’ve got 6 projects actively going!  Maybe I’ll do a post about some of those soon.  Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

Blessings to you,


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