Gift #663: Farm Friends

Yesterday evening I went to our Hendricks County Fair.  I spent the evening admiring all the animals, the crafts, and the displays.  The weather this week is nice and cool, which is a relief for the animals, I’m sure.  Last year was very warm and even with lots of water and fans, many of the animals were heat stressed.  But last night they were perky and interested in all the crowds.  I made friends with one of the goats and we enjoyed a nice chat and head patting session.  As I made my leave, the goat decided that he wanted my scarf to remember me by.  My handknit scarf, mind you.  I was not inclined to surrender it and had to work for a while to pry it out of his greedy mouth.  The scarf survived without any injury, but was traumatized by goat slobber for the rest of the evening.



The highlight of the day was seeing the newborn alpacas.



The brown and white one, TobyRay, was born on the 9th and the little white one (Conner) was just born on the 11th.  Aren’t they sweet?  Below is a family pic of both little guys with their mothers.


It was fun to spend some time with the animals.  Many are raised by the kids in 4H and they do a fabulous job.  All of them looked healthy and happy.  And the kids were kept busy cleaning out the stalls, hauling in water and food, and blow drying their livestock.  Yep, they are blowdried – with a big industrial dryer.

I’ll show pictures of the rabbits and chickens later – I didn’t want to make the post too long.  Until then…


Make sure to give someone a hug today…. because there are days when we just all need a hug.

Blessings to you,

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1 Response to Gift #663: Farm Friends

  1. What beautiful animals! I love the alpacas 😉 Once upon a time I had students who raised animals for similiar fairs in VA. They had a great time, and were so proud of their animals 😉 A wonderful program. May all be well with you, WG

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