Gift #665: Rabbits

We’ll wind up the fair days by enjoying the rabbits today.  Since I had a pet rabbit in junior high, they are near and dear to my heart.  I loved my little Carmel, she was a sweet brown mini-lop bunny who enjoyed walks.  I also had a friend in elementary school with a pet bunny who had a fetish for stealing chicken nuggets off our plates when we weren’t looking.  She’d also get into the popcorn during movies, but that’s another story.  Suffice it to say, I have fond memories of the rabbits that have been in my life and I enjoy spending time with them.  There were many entries at the fair and they were all champions as far as I could tell.  Here were some of my favorites.


This breed is called Champagne de’ Argent and is a lovely shade of creamy gray.  They seemed sweet-tempered too.  I think they were the prettiest rabbits there.


This is fierce bunny.  He was not amused at the antics of his fellow fair-mates and it was clear that no one had brought him any treats, which no doubt soured his interpretation of the whole “fair experience”.


This bunny was very interested in his surroundings and wanted to play.  It was hard to get an in-focus shot of him, but a quick pause at the food bowl sufficed.  Some of the rabbits there were so playful and wanted lots of pets.  One of the nice things about this fair is you can pet the animals (at your own risk, of course) and there are stations for wash-up as you leave the pavilions.


And I couldn’t leave without getting a picture of the Angora rabbits.  These fluffy animals are often raised for their fur, which can be harvested when they’re combed out.  The fiber is spun into yarn, which makes for super soft and warm sweaters, gloves, scarves, etc.  A couple of my knitting friends have one or more Angoras as pets, plus they offer the advantage of a continuous source of fiber which they spin (I have very talented friends).

I hope you enjoyed the rabbits today and the other animals that I’ve posted on for the past few days.  The state fair comes up next month and you  can expect a look at the animals there too!

Blessings to you,


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