Gift #666: Garden pots

This weekend my mom and I spent some time together on the north end of town visiting some of our favorite stores we hadn’t been to in a while.  We also had seen a garden center advertised in some magazines and it was in the area, so we dropped in to visit it as well…. and we fell in love.  Habig is now my favorite garden center in Indy.  In addition to having a well-curated selection of plants at reasonable prices, they also had a wonderful indoor collection of succulents and fairy gardens.  And pots!!!  Today we are going to focus on the pots.  I’ll share additional pictures of the garden center later in the week, but I didn’t want to overlook the pots.


I’ll share a carefully kept secret about myself (and you can’t tell anybody!) – I love, love, love terracotta pots and planters.  I also love beautifully glazed pots, but my heart is with rustic, weathered, well-worn terracotta.  (I dream of amassing a terracotta pot collection on par with the terracotta soldiers)   Well, imagine my intense delight upon discovering pottery that I’ve only seen for sale at a garden center in Denver!  Guy Wolff pots are amazingly beautiful.  They are all handmade and based on historic pot designs.  They come in a variety of sizes, all lovely, with delicate washes that evoke a slight weathered look.  They sold Guy Wolff pottery at our local hardware and garden center in Denver and my family and I have several pots that decorate bookshelves and hold special collections.  I’m looking at one filled with moss and ceramic mushrooms as I write this post.


I especially love the little tiny pots – they are perfect for growing herbs or miniature fairy plants.  There are also wide, shallow pots that would be ideal for a succulent garden.  And tall skinny ones are great to act as a vase for silk flowers and old branches.  I was so very happy to see these pots again and took several pictures of the display.  Beyond being pots that I love, they are also happy reminders of home.



Blessings to you,


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2 Responses to Gift #666: Garden pots

  1. Bitsy says:

    Hi there, I found your blog because I was looking for Guy Wolff planters in Denver and it looks like we have mutual friends, the Morginskys! I go to Denver Pres in Denver. Small world. Do you remember the garden center in Denver? Was it City Floral by any chance?

    • Sorry for the delay in responding. I was having a bit of trouble with the website. Thanks for stopping by! I bought the pots last year from Ace Hardware/Katie’s Garden shop on Holly. The pots were on clearance at that time, so I’m not sure if they were not going to carry them anymore or if they were just clearing out some space for new stock. (I hope the latter!) That’s really cool that we have mutual firends. How long have you been attending Den Pres? I hope you have a great afternoon and good luck locating the pots. Blessings, Sarah

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