Gift #667: Garden cottage

The most charming aspect of Habig Garden Center I have saved for today.   Also on the site is a garden cottage.


It’s a perfect little gingerbread cottage, but without the candy.  Well, there is a lot of eye-candy in the way of silk flowers, home decorations, arrangements, wreaths, and gifts.  Though small, it is filled with treasures and very artistically decorated.  What I loved most was the layout of the cottage and I found myself imagining what it might be like to live there.  I was rearranging furniture in my head, deciding on color schemes….  a perfect storybook home.  There was enough room for a living room and kitchen downstairs and a bedroom/craft room upstairs.  I realize of course that living there is impossible, but I enjoy daydreaming about such things anyway.  There were lots of windows to give natural light and that made everything seem even happier.  But now to discuss the actual store.  Here’s a picture of one of the downstairs rooms.


They had one of the best selection of artificial flowers I’ve seen since my Denver days.  And they had something I’ve never seen before – fabric toadstools!!!  Aren’t they realistic?  And completely beautiful?  I think they would look great with some fall foliage in a hallway display!  I think I may be going back for some.


They also specialize in making custom wreaths and arrangements.  I got to watch one being made for a house tour while I was checking out.   Here are a few pictures of other arrangements scattered throughout the cottage.  I especially liked the bird’s nests – a special touch.



Blessings to you,

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2 Responses to Gift #667: Garden cottage

  1. Where is this enchanted place?. Thanks for the pictures.

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