Gift #669: Green Glow

This weekend my mom and I went to Eagle Creek for some hiking and nature time.  These forests are so beautiful that they bring tears to my eyes.  The day had started with a rain shower, which cooled temps down to the mid-70s so it felt more like a spring morning than a summer day in late July.  We had lovely sunny weather for most of the hike and we strolled through one of our favorite trails, stopping to pick up acorns, admire mushrooms, or be amazed by a delicate leaf. What I loved most about our hike was the green glow that surrounded us as we walked in the company of the trees.  The sunlight filtered through their leafy fronds and dappled the air with green hues, like ghosts of leaves hovering in another dimension.




After a lovely walk, we settled onto a bench in the birdfeeder garden and knitted while watching the birds and chipmunks.  Ahh sweet summer afternoons…


Blessings to you,


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1 Response to Gift #669: Green Glow

  1. What a perfect Sunday! Lovely photos- the best of summer 😉

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