Gift #670: July Card Share

A lot of times with my blog, it’s kind of like feast or famine.  I either have to get creative with things to post about or I have so much to share with you that it’s hard to capture everything.  Right now I’m in a “feast” stage.  I have so many potential blog posts circulating in my mind, it’s almost impossible to keep track of them.  So hopefully I’ll be able to remember them and create a coherent, interesting story for them all in the days to come.  For today though, I wanted to share some cards I made before the month slipped away.  These are for the July Cards for a Cause and I was on top of things because I actually mailed them in the month for which they were designed.  These cards are going to a VA hospital in Pennsylvania, which requested cards for veterans in their mental wellness programs.  I designed these cards using “Lovely as a tree” stamp set from Stampin Up (one of my favorite sets!) and some Scripture stamps from various sources.  I wanted the cards to have a soothing color scheme, so I went with green, brown, and a hint of aqua.  I hope they give encouragement to those who receive them.


image image


Blessings to you,


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