Gift #671: Quickfire Hydrangea

I’m so excited to share with you the topic of today.  I’ve been eager to share this post for a while, since the trip to Habig’s.  During our visit, we stumbled upon a hydrangea of enchanting beauty – a Quick-fire hydrangea.    It’s now settled in the garden, having effectively worked a hypnotic charm enhanced with aromatherapy brainsweeping.  This is a formidable plant.


Obviously you can see that a mere mortal is not its equal.  Just look at those flowers!  And what if I tell you that this particular variety is fragrant??  The smell alone transports you to romantic climes where you stroll languidly among garden paths filled with every lovely thing.  The bees are keen on it too.


In fact, one little bee was taken by surprise and got loaded with the hydrangea into the back seat of the car.   Of course, I let the bee out as soon as he made his presence known.  This hydrangea is a hardy plant, blooming a month before other hydrangea (another appealing characteristic).  Furthermore as the blooms age, they darken from white to a deep rose. (Really, can this plant get any more perfect?!)  Most hydrangea blooms fade with age, so I’m looking forward to enjoying these petals gaining color over time.  In fact, I have special plans for some of these petals as soon as they start to go pink.  I’ll share what they become in about a month, if all goes well.  (Teaser alert!)


I hope you enjoy the pictures and storm your nearest nursery requesting the Quickfire hydrangea.  She is a most beautiful addition to the garden and you’d love her too.

Blessings to you,


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