Gift #674: Twilight at Glendale

This weekend my mom and I travel to Cincinnati for Stampaway, which is a big stamping convention that we’ve attended for many years.  I look forward to this weekend very much – not only for the great rubber stamps and ideas at the show, but also for the chance to enjoy the city.  And one of our very favorite places is Glendale, the historic neighborhood close to our hotel.  We ate dinner tonight at one of the local restaurants and then drove around the neighborhood for a while to enjoy the homes and gardens and take some pictures.  We went to the park for a bit of knitting and visiting with the dogs that came by on their walks.  We knit as twilight settled over the neighborhood and the nearby church bells tolled the hour.  Eventually I put my knitting away and just enjoyed the evening creeping on.  The squirrels were busy getting a few more runs in before bedtime and birds were cooing their good nights.  The crickets took up the serenade and the lightning bugs danced around us.  I drank in the smell of green – grass and trees perfumed the air.  It was an enchanted evening.

image image

Blessings to you,


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