Gift #685: Chickens and eggs

I spent the day yesterday with a good friend.  She let me come over and we sat in her backyard garden, ate snacks, and knit with her chickens!  Well, technically the chickens didn’t knit, but they did lots of scratching.  It was a lovely day.  She let me open the coop to let her chickens out and we fed them cheese.  Her girls get excited about treats and hop up to snatch them from her hand.  That kind of took me by surprise the first time – I didn’t know chickens could jump – and they are good jumpers! Here’s one of the girls.


And as you can see, the ground is particularly fascinating.  Isn’t their plumage beautiful?  I especially love the mottled look of the one on the right.


Later in the afternoon we walked to the local Graeter’s for ice cream (the company is from Cinci and just opened a branch a few months ago) and I had my first taste of Graeter’s.  Blueberry pie – and made with real blueberries!  We chatted and knit and talked to chickens until evening.  As it got dark, the chickens walked right back into their coop in a single file line and right into their house to bed!  And then my friend let me look in the nest box to see if there were any eggs – and there was one perfect brown egg.  It was absolutely stunning.  I held it in my hand an marveled at the miracle that it was.  And a chicken just does it over and over again – laying a miracle every single day.


She gave me another 5 so I could take home a half-dozen.  It really thrills me that backyard chickens are becoming popular and more people are interested in knowing where their food comes from and want to participate in the process.  My friend takes such joy in her girls and really appreciates them and their eggs.   And because she does, the world is a better place and three chickens have a wonderful life.

Blessings to you,


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