Gift #688: Garden visitor

Last week when I was uncovering the outside table for some dinner alfresco, I found this tiny visitor!


He was just about 1/2″ long and as cute as can be.  And he kept me company during dinner, which is more than I can say about the frogs inhabiting the backyard pond.  They still give an “eep!” and jump into the water whenever I try to visit with them.  So I have to observe them from the window.  I had wanted to share a poem about frogs or a cute frog quote, but I haven’t found much beyond vague references to connections with rainbows and kissing frogs in hopes of becoming a princess.  Although it’s nice to mark how frogs have played a role in popular culture, I was hoping for something that would praise frogs just for being frogs.  They have certainly brought much joy to my life this summer.  I’ve watched little tadpoles grow into large tadpoles, I finally saw some with tail and legs, and have witnessed the subsequent increase in adult frogs.  (I’ve seen up to 8 at one time out on the lily pads just enjoying the sun and flies).  This little one was a pleasant surprise.


At this point, I will just take a minute to remind everyone that amphibian populations all across the country are stressed and their numbers continue to decline due to polluted waters, temperature changes, and increased diseases.  Habitat fragmentation doesn’t help either.  They are important little creatures in our ecosystems and the world would be very empty indeed if we did not hear a pleasant serenade from our frogs each summer.  So it is important to do what we can to give our resident amphibians a safe, welcoming environment because it’s not easy being green.  It can be as simple as providing an overturned pot in your garden for shelter or keeping your pond chemical free.  Future generations will thank us for the efforts we make to preserve the miracles of life we have been blessed with.


Blessings to you,


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One Response to Gift #688: Garden visitor

  1. What a charming little guy! Thank you for mentioning the habitat issues… so important!

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