Gift #693: Halloween Art

Over the weekend I roamed about some stores looking for Halloween decorations.   I can’t wait for pumpkins and fall leaves to make their appearance!  (Actually in some stores they made their appearance in July but it seemed indecent to blog about it then).  I found these two canvases at one of the stores I visited.  They actually have little twinkle lights behind the canvas to give the lighting a realistic look.  I hadn’t seen that before and thought that was very clever.


The two pictures portray everything I love about the season – old houses, large trees with creepy branches, jack-o-lanterns, and of course… a full moon.  Well, they don’t have bats and I love bats, but overlooking that, it’s a nice conglomerate of Halloween goodness.  This one is my favorite.


Can’t you just picture yourself in the scene?  The wind blowing wildly, a howl in the distance, clouds blowing over the moon, and the watery moonlight illuminates a large manor house at the end of the road.  Dare you approach??  Will you meet friend or foe?  Your feet crunch over dead withered leaves, and your heart pounds wildly as you cross to the font porch and raise your hand to the ominous knocker.  A moment of dreadful silence and suspense… and then the door opens and you breathe a sigh of relief… it’s the right address after all.  The hostess offers you a glass of apple cider and pulls you inside.  “The party has already started” she says.  “What took you so long?”   “It’s a long story… see my car broke down on the side of road while it was raining…..”

Blessings to you,


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