Gift #696: Autumn welcome

Tonight we welcome autumn once again to our lives.  We were blessed with some cooler temps today which made it indeed feel like autumn was about to become a reality.  I’ve been picking up acorns on the way to work with all the abandon and energy of a squirrel.  I’ve started pressing leaves tinged red and yellow by autumn’s paintbrush.  And I’ve taken to petting every pumpkin I come across.  Yes, I am most ready for my beloved autumn to arrive.


On Saturday when my mom and I were picking pumpkins, a woman approached me and asked if I made pies with the pumpkins.  I stared at her with a horrified expression as if she had just asked if I indulged in cannibalism and not so subtly shifted the pumpkin in my hands away from her.  No, I tried to explain nicely, these pumpkins are not for pie-making.  They are for loving and admiring during fall (and maybe a bit of winter).  This is not to cast any judgement on those who do make their own pies completely from scratch.  I do all my pumpkin eating from the can 🙂  but I do admire people who use their pumpkins.  I’d like to try it one day, but I know I never will work up the nerve to cut open one.  Pumpkins are far too beautiful for that.  So my pumpkins have come to live on the front porch safe and secure in knowing they will be loved and appreciated all season long.


To avoid some confusion, the pictures here are of the pumpkin farm, not of the actual pumpkins I purchased.  (In all fairness though I will admit I would have loved to buy them all)  Aren’t they just beautiful?  Welcome Autumn in all your wondrous glory.  We’ve been waiting for you.


Blessings to you,


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