Gift #699: Summer Farewell

We’re enjoying what will probably be the last warm caress of summer this week.  September is a lovely month when two seasons meet – we enjoy the warmth of summer and the emerging bounty and color of autumn.  I found this descriptive quote about September that seemed most appropriate as we bid September farewell today.

We know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage.  We will welcome summer’s ghost.”  – Henry Rollins

Isn’t that hauntingly beautiful?  I’ve been meaning to share some photos of jewelry I made and found that today seemed a perfect day to do so, as the pieces I made are certainly autumn-themed, but have traces of summer about them.  A few months ago a friend asked me to create some jewelry for her.  My first real commission!!  (Ok, that sounds way more over-rated than it was) I was really happy to do so and we met to discuss style and colors and such.   She wanted some delicate, nature-themed pieces that she could layer together or wear separate.


This is the first necklace I made for her.  This went through many layout and style changes before I settled on this design.  She wanted to use a copper pinecone for this necklace and I added in a few other nature themed charms.  I used some Czech glass beads in wire-wrapped dangles to give some color and attached everything to a medium weight chain.  This is designed as a shorter necklace; about princess length.


And here are matching earrings.  These are my favorite of the pieces I made for her – Czech glass dangles overlaid on leaf charms and attached to french wires with a textured jump ring.  This set reminds me of autumn woods.


The second necklace I designed for her was a longer piece.  I wanted to keep this one simple so as not to compete with the shorter necklace.  She had given me an ivy stamped brass piece, which I incorporated as the focal point on a generous length of fine copper chain.  I suspended a little hummingbird off the ivy to give it a whimsical feel.  A few brown/rust glass beads add just a hint of color.  It’s simple, understated, and should be versatile enough to pair with other necklaces or wear alone over a long-sleeved tshirt or fall sweater.


Earrings are long and dangly.  I fastened a length of chain to flower wires and added a zillion little glass beads to the chain, like a sparkly waterfall.  These took a long time, but I like the effect.  This set reminds me of a faded garden in warm autumn sun.  Spent blooms and withered leaves look enrobed in gold as birds flit about searching for berries and seeds.  A cool breeze blows and rusty leaves flutter down to the path.  As acorns crunch beneath our feet, we whisper goodbye to summer and pick up the leaves to press in pages of an old book.  Hello Autumn.

Blessings to you,


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