Gift #705: Halloween Party

A weekend or two ago I ventured up north to my favorite mall.  It wins this distinction because it it home to the only Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma in Indianapolis.  A trip to these stores is a treat at any time, but especially in autumn and Christmas when the stores are decorated in season.  Fall is my favorite time to visit, when pumpkins and Halloween decorations are out in full force.  Pottery Barn is especially inspiring to visit because you stroll through the store thinking things such as “what a clever idea!”,  “I could do that for the table this year”, and “what lovely pumpkins and owls you have!”  Everything looks so effortlessly elegant that it’s quite easy to lose one’s grip on reality.  I tend to come away firmly believing that I could host a Halloween party for 30 people in three days and thematically plan a menu and decorate the entire house.  “Nothing to it, nothing at all… Pottery Barn can do it.” These are dangerous thoughts.  I’ve not yet acted on these irrational impulses, but I do take lots of pictures to remember the inspiration.  This year’s Halloween themes are influenced by skeletons, 19th century curio cabinets, and a flourish of damask.

For example:


Quite frankly, I think I’d keep my table looking like this all year long if I could.  I’m especially fond of the birdcages hanging from the ceiling.  They’re dripping with spanish moss and filled with crows, mice, and spiders.  A generous dusting of spiderwebs gives them a warm and cozy feel.


But maybe skip the goblin punch.  It seems to make the guests overstay their welcome.


I love this glassware.  Can you see the bases?  They’re actually crows feet!!  So cute!


That napkin holder is actually a large alligator skull with its jaws hinged open.  And the tea light holder is also an alligator skeleton.  I enjoy looking at the plate as well – full of bats, crows, crowns, spiders, and wolves – in a twisted coat of Halloween arms.

Well there you have it… table decorations, glassware, napkin holders, plates…. maybe I will have that party after all…

Blessings to you,

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