Gift #706: Feathers and Leaves

Whirling and twirling in the wind

You can’t tell where a leaf ends and a bird begins

Flying high, is that a wing beating,

A feather falling, or a moment fleeting?

Too fast to see, I cannot tell

Perhaps it’s all the same under Autumn’s spell


Both birds and leaves are found in this picture, though the birds are hard to see – there are 2 at the feeders… and probably some on the ground that you can’t see.  The past two weekends, I’ve spent time at Eagle Creek Park, hiking, knitting, and enjoying nature.  Here at “bird feeding central” is one of my favorite spots in the park.  The Ornithology center has a back room with an entire wall of glass that looks over the feeders and park beyond.  There are places there to sit, birdwatch, read, or in my case, knit, and enjoy the birds and chipmunks.  As the wind picks up, the lines between leaves and birds blurs in a rush of color.  You can’t distinguish a cardinal from the red leaves falling from that majestic tree.  Is that leaf litter or a flock of sparrow on the ground?  It’s delightful to watch that flurry of wings and leaves skittering around the feeders.  And chipmunks are chasing each other all over the place and stopping every now and then to dig up an acorn.


I didn’t have my good camera on this trip, but was able to get a snapshot of this little guy with my ipad.  He’s perched in the entrance of Mr. Toad’s house – obviously there’s a bit of species confusion on his part.  The forest is so alive and full of color right now.  And it is beyond beautiful.



Blessings to you,


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