Gift #707: Poison Apples

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was participating in an online Halloween Swap?  Well, the package has been mailed and received, and since it is Oct. 13 (which is the reverse of Halloween, the 31st) today’s the day that I’ll share what I sent to my recipient.  The theme I went with was “poison apple” which was inspired by the deep burgundy colored yarn I used to make her knitted item.  I made a large cowl that can be worn a number of ways – as a shoulder wrap with just a few buttons closed, or as a tall neckwarmer with all the buttons closed.


From there I thought it would be a simple matter of finding some poison apple treats and rounding out the package.  Turns out the rest of the commercial world was not on to poison apples as a theme this Halloween, so shopping got a bit tricky, but I managed to find treats within the apple theme.  Here’s all her treats together.


She received some caramel apple milky way bars, “poisoned” apple butter (with the recipe for sleeping death), hot cider mulling spices, and cinnamon sticks.  And check out that  cool specimen tag I found online!  It was just perfect for the cowl – I put the washing directions and fiber content on the back.  I also made her a set of stitch markers from charms in the jewelry department of my craft store – mirror, apple, and red crystal.  I think this might be my favorite item.  I strung them together on seam binding, which I dyed myself and it came out beautifully.


Then finally we needed to include a card, so this is what I made for her, using my only Halloween stamp with an apple on it.  (Seriously there is a significant niche to be filled in the market here).


I had so much fun putting this package together and apparently the recipient loved everything.  She even took pictures of her wearing the cowl.  I think it would be a fabulously unique job idea to create custom-themed gift packages for people.  I love to be given a theme and then run with it, finding all sorts of goodies that creatively blend together to tell a story.  Can’t wait for the next swap!  Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak.

Blessings to you,


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